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(Programmable Recording Of User-friendly Self-report through Time)


I.  What is PROUST?
II.  Who developed PROUST, and how may it be used?
III.  How do I download PROUST and its manual?



This program is designed to permit research participants, largely on their own, to report discrete events or experiences that occur over time in a user-friendly Palm Pilot-based interface.  The program can be configured to record events of nearly any kind at varying levels of time resolution (e.g., 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc), and for varying lengths of time.  The program is based on graphical menus that make it unnecessary for the user to have any experience with Palm Pilot graffiti or any other method of data entry.  The menus are designed by the investigator to ask the questions he/she desires, in the order desired, with configurable icons and help text, for each study.  The data entry environment can also be customized to the individual, and up to six alarms can be set to remind the participant at various points during the day to update his/her records.  Pilot work thus far suggests that, with appropriate training, encouragement and careful interface design, adult and older child research participants tolerate quite well the moderate burden of tracking experiences in this manner.  (Article currently in preparation.)

The current version of PROUST is 1.1, released in December of 2002.

Who Developed PROUST, and How May it be Used?

Funding for development of this program was provided by the Sloan Foundation, through the support made available to Carol Worthman as Core Faculty member of the MARIAL Sloan Center (Myth and Ritual in American Family Life), directed by Dr. Bradd Shore.  Jason DeCaro’s effort on program development was supported by a graduate Fellowship also from the MARIAL Center.  Emory University retains the copyright to PROUST, which is available for download at the web site:, or through a CD-ROM distribution.  The program may be used free of charge for research purposes, with appropriate citation(s), such as:

DeCaro JA, Worthman CM, Ternullo NJ, Brown R, and the Laboratory for Comparative Human Biology (2002) Configuration and Research Manual: PROUST for PalmOS v1.1. Atlanta: Emory University. Available at:


Worthman CM, DeCaro JA, Ternullo NJ, Moody J, Brown R, and the Laboratory for Comparative Human Biology (2002) PROUST for PalmOS v1.1 [computer program]. Atlanta: Emory University. Available at:

As described elsewhere in this manual, the PROUST system is highly customizable.  However, should changes be needed in order to fit a particular research project that are beyond the scope of the program's configurability, license is granted to modify and re-compile the source code included in the PROUST distribution, for personal or lab group use only, and on the condition that Emory University retains copyright to the modified program, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary.  Modified programs may not be distributed without explicit written permission from Dr. Carol Worthman (, LCHB director.

The PROUST system as downloaded or received on CD-ROM should also not be re-distributed, nor should its component parts be re-packaged as part of any other distribution, without explicit written authorization from Dr. Worthman.

The PROUST system is made available free of charge at users' own risk.  Neither Emory University nor the programmers/designers are responsible for any loss of data or financial loss resulting from the use of this program.

By downloading or installing the PROUST system, you agree to these licensing and distribution conditions.

In lieu of e-mail communications, traditional mailing addresses for Dr. Worthman and Mr. DeCaro are, respectively:

  Carol M. Worthman, Ph.D.
  Department of Anthropology
  Emory University
  1557 Pierce Drive
  Atlanta, Georgia 30322

  Jason A. DeCaro
  Department of Anthropology
  Emory University
  1557 Pierce Drive
  Atlanta, Georgia 30322

How do I download PROUST and its manual?

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