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Laboratory for Comparative Human Biology
Thomas McDade

Areas of Interest
Biocultural perspectives on health and human development; human biology; stress and adaptation; immune function; evolutionary medicine; evolutionary ecology; infectious disease; breastfeeding; medical anthropology

Current projects
Culture change, stress, and immune function in Western Samoan youth

This study attempts to introduce a cross-cultural and developmental perspective to studies of stress and immune function. Blood spot measures of cortisol and EBV antibodies provide physiological markers of psychosocial stress, and CRP levels control for pathogen burden. I consider multiple ecological and incongruity models of stress that unpack the meaning of "culture change" in the Samoan context.

Development and validation of blood spot markers of immune function

While working closely with Joy Stallings and Carol Worthman, we have developed minimally invasive blood spot measures of cell-mediated immunity (antibodies against the Epstein-Barr virus) and inflammatory status (C-reactive protein) for use in field settings. These assays are in the final stages of validation. Future assays will measure iron sequestration and thymic hormone levels.

Anemia, immune function, and infectious morbidity in northern Kenya

In collaboration with Bettina Shell-Duncan (U Washington), we are exploring anemia as a potentially adaptive response to infectious disease. Blood spot measures of CRP and ferritin will allow us to differentiate iron deficiency anemia from anemia of chronic disease, an important distinction that previous work in this area often fails to make. Data will be collected among the Rendille (a group of formerly nomadic pastoralists) in the summer of 1999.

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in preparation McDade, T.W. & C.M. Worthman. Socialization ambiguity, stress, and immune function in Western Samoan youth: Towards a cross-cultural psychoneuroimmunology. For submission to Child Development.
in preparation McDade, T.W., Stallings, J.F. and C.M. Worthman. Culture change and stress in Western Samoan youth: Methodological issues in the cross-cultural study of stress and immune function. For submission to American Journal of Physical Anthropology.
in preparation Shell-Duncan, B. & T.W. McDade. Immunology and anthropology: Current challenges and future directions. For submission to Yearbook of Physical Anthropology.

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