Bruce M. Knauft


Gebusi Before and After

1. Sayu Silap as a five year-old boy, 1981

New Guinea

2. Sayu Silap as a young man, 1998

3. BMK in a welcoming line of adult Gebusi
men at a feast, 1981 (Note: Avg. male
height = 5'4")

4. BMK with Gebusi villagers after Sunday church,1998

5. Hawi Suaripi, in black face of anger prior
to a funeral fight, 1981

6. Hawi Suarapi, holding an offering bowl
and praying to God in church, 1998

7. Didiga Imbo, four years old, in 1981

8. Didiga Imgo as a young man, 1998

Map of New Guinea

9. Bruce K. as a young fieldworker in 1981

Map of New Guinea

10. Bruce K. revisited, in 1998 (haircut courtesy of Sayu Silap)

Map of New Guinea

11. BMK showing his tabulations to Soliabo, a senior man, in 1982

Map of New Guinea

12. BMK working on computer with Mosomiay's family, 1998