Bruce M. Knauft


Gebusi Music 2008

Gebusi String Band Music

Click below to hear MP3 sound clips of Gebusi string band singing. All songs were recorded by Bruce Knauft in February, 2008 in the main longhouse of Gasumi Corners.

Song A (3:56)

Song B (14:30)

Song C (12:13) Note the background joking, including to and from Bruce, during this song.

Song D (3:54)

Song E (8:30)

Church songs, scripture reading, sermon segment, and the author's remarks to the congregation were recorded in the Gasumi Corners St. Paul Catholic Church on February 10, 2008.

Church Song A (4:07)

Church Song B (1:34)

Church Song C (1:34)

Church Scripture reading by Anagi

Church sermon by Luke (Yamdaw)

Bruce's remarks to the congregation (first in English, then in Gebusi)