Bruce M. Knauft


Gebusi Music 1998

Gebusi String Band Music

Click below to hear sound clips of string band singing:

"Bidubi" song: about string band singing in different villages. Link to lyrics

National Independence Day song. Link to lyrics

Love blues song, Gebusi-style. Link to lyrics

Song commemorating the return of Bruce Knauft to Gebusi. Link to lyrics

Electronic / National music at Nomad / Papua New Guinea, 1998

(sound clips accessible at bottom of page)

1. Rock singers in neo-traditonal costuming at Nomad Independence Day festivities, 1998

2. Nomad schoolboy's drawing of himself as a rock singer in the future, 1998

3. Children and teenagers dancing disco in Gasumi Corners

4. The flag of Papua New Guinea(see below to hear PNG's national radio song)

5. Men in neo-traditional and modern dress dancing disco
at Nomad Station on Independence Day